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CATrak Technologies, founded in 2021 by Mark Richardi and John W. Rollins, is a leading innovator in the fight against catalytic converter theft. With a mission to protect businesses worldwide, CATrak Technologies has developed a patented anti-theft solution that promises to revolutionize security in the automotive industry. 

As the demand for catalytic converters continues to soar, so does the rampant theft of these essential components, causing substantial financial losses to businesses worldwide. Recognizing this dire challenge, CATrak Technologies was established with a mission to develop an effective and innovative solution.

What sets CATrak Technologies apart is the application of patented technology and time-tested components in the development of their anti-theft solution. This approach has yielded an unassailable system that promises to significantly reduce catalytic converter theft, ultimately safeguarding businesses and industries from this growing menace.

“We are committed to making a meaningful impact by providing businesses with a reliable defense against catalytic converter theft,” said Mark Richardi, co-founder of CATrak Technologies. “Our team’s dedication and innovative thinking have culminated in a solution that we believe will disrupt the status quo and protect businesses worldwide.”

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